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Danny, Rob, and Stella Artois

Hardcore anal with scally lads Danny L and Rob C.

What true scally encounter would be complete without a bottle of Stella Artois? This beer has gotten a bad reputation as being “fighting fuel” but for rudeboys Danny and Rob, it only seems to make them hornier!

This latest UK Scally Lads offering is a good pairing between the more experienced 21-year-old Danny L (who we saw not long ago in a threeway) and 18-year-old newcomer Rob C who has just started in gay porn. There is no confusion about the roles here; Danny is definitely the top and Rob is the slightly-submissive bottom. Danny introduces the younger lad to all the forms of dirty sweaty sex we have come to look forward to from this amazing amateur porn site. He lays back and sips on a bottle of Stella lager while Rob deep-throats his curvy uncut cock. He has Rob spread his arse cheeks apart to administer a deep rimming which is beautifully filmed. And after loosing his hole up, Danny gives him a nice hard fuck.

Here’s a quick video preview:

The ending is particularly raunchy: both Danny and Rob give each other juicy cumshot facials!

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Blond Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan on EnglishLads

In his interview on English Lads, newcomer Danny Sullivan proudly states that all of his mates at the pub know that he is auditioning for a gay porn site but none of them want to watch the resulting video. Well Danny, you never know… maybe some of them are even reading this blog!

As is often the case on English Lads, straight lad Danny seems very nervous about his first appearance on a gay porn site. This is not helped by questions from the interviewer like “how is your heartbeat?”. Fortunately, once the questions stop and he gets lost in his wanking pleasure, this 18-year-old is really a joy to behold.

Danny has only a moderately hairy chest, but his legs are covered in fur — a real treat for lovers of hairy men. Although none of the preview photos show it, his asscrack has a dense covering of dark-blond ringlets, thick to the point that his hole is hard to see. There are plenty of photos of him lifting his legs high, ass cheeks spread, and we also see him do the same in the 25-minute video.

Danny ends up shooting a nice big load of cum which flies as far north as his shoulder. After shooting his load, Danny is smiling and quite relaxed — what a change from the start of the video! He even talks about wanting to come back for another go-round.

If you’d like to see more of Danny in action, check out his preview video available on this free gallery page.

Danny Russell Video on EnglishLads

Danny Russell returns to EnglishLads

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if EnglishLads took out an insurance policy on the hairs on Danny Russell’s body. As with Tina Turner and her legs, Danny’s forest of fur is his most valuable asset!

In my previous article about this 20-year-old straight bearcub, he was already a fast-rising star. One month later, he is now at the top of the members’ favorites; first place out of 271 models!

This is a beatifully shot outdoor wanking video, the sunlight illuminating every hair on his body in stunning detail. Particulaly when he stands on a staircase stroking his uncut cock. Also included are some birds-eye-view shots, an interesting technique I havent seen EnglishLads use before. Danny doesnt say much during the video, but he does reveal one juicy tidbit: he’s had a girlfriend put a finger up his arse “once or twice”!

Indeed, its that perfect bum of his which was my favorite part of the video. A very generous 6 minutes out of the 26-minute video are devoted to closeups of his hairy rosebud. The detail level is amazing at 960×540 resolution; his hole fills up the entire screen.

You can download Danny’s preview clips here at this free gay video gallery, or stream directly from by clicking the link Your favourite Str8 hairy lad on the tour main page.

Danny the Hairy Bear Cub

Hairy Lad Danny Russell on EnglishLads

Fur is back in fashion! Naturally hairy young Danny Russell is probably the hairiest model ever featured on English Lads and already he is at 5th place in the top lads rankings. That’s one spot ahead of legendary James Nichols!

A newcomer to gay porn, Danny currently works as a builder in London. Although he is totally straight, he seems at ease with the idea of horny lads like us watching him having a private wank! This lighting in this outdoor photo shoot is great for showing how totally covered in fur his body really is, not just his hairy chest and legs, but the untrimmed pubes around his uncut cock as well. Arsehole fans will love it when he lifts his legs in the air and spreads his cheeks, giving us a wonderful view of his unshaven hairy hole.

Danny reminds me a bit of another hairy straight lad, Alex Parry who is currently number 3 in the EnglishLads rankings. Wouldnt it be hot to see them in a hardcore scene together?

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Danny Meets Danny


What a great combination from English Lads! Blondie Danny Valentino is a well known stripper and Danny-boy is a str8 porn star. These two London lads are outdoors chatting and comparing dick sizes and chatting away as they strip down and get their cocks out! What a turn on it is watching these straight hotties wanking together in the sunshine and its not long before they are shooting huge loads of cum, Danny first quickly followed by Danny-Boy who gushes all over the place.

Both of these straight boys have several full-length videos on English Lads, check out the preview video area to see them in action!

Council Estate Lads Threeway

Leo Danny and Paul have a scally groupsex orgy

In probably the hottest episode ever on UK Scally Lads, a pair of chavvy straight lads, Paul and Danny, have their way with scally submissive boy Leo! This orgy is so chock full of raunchy action, there is something for everyone here!

It starts with Paul and Danny blindfolding Leo with a dirty soccer sock and then making him kneel before them and service their throbbing uncut cocks. They offer him a deal: they will release the blindfold only if he agrees to lick their dirty trainers clean! Which he does willingly in order to escape the bondage!

Untied, Leo joins the scallies in a circle sucking session. Then Danny starts rimming Leo’s ass to loosen it up and soon fingers and spit follow his probing tongue. In the fucking scenes we see Leo get spit-roasted by Paul and Danny; both of his holes are filled at once. Then they do a daisy-chain fuck with Danny in the middle. All these lads are very vocal and the loud moaning and groaning was a real turn on to me!

There are two short trailer videos of this amazing groupsex scene available on

Scott Stone Rises to the Top

Hunky builder Scott Stone is the current top-rated model on English Lads.

Bad news for fans of Danny Russell, James Nichols, and Alex Parry: there’s a new lad in town who has already surpassed all of them and risen to the top of the English Lads members’ favorite lads list! He is Scott Stone, a tall 22-year-old straight builder whose photos I’ve been drooling over since the moment I laid eyes on him!

Let me start by saying that these preview photos absolutely do not do Scott any justice. Missing here completely are any shots of his incredibly fat uncut cock — several inches thick for sure — which is crowned with a bulbous purple head and a huge pulsing vein running along the shaft. Also missing in these sample shots are any glimpses of Scott’s totally unshaved arse crack, its hair wet and gleaming in the autumn sunlight.

The full photoset contains 532 photos and shows our straight lad wanking in the EnglishLads’ hot tub, then using a fucking a fleshjack with his huge cock, and finally shooting his sperm into a plastic cup. And yes, we are treated to some incredible closeups of the still-warm cum in the cup!

I am expecting that Scott’s video will be posted this week, so be sure to check the updates page for a preview clip.

Canal Street Twink Orgy

manchester.jpgYoung Damian and Danny think that they’ve scored with every cute boy in London.

So now they’re setting off for a wild weekend in Canal Street – the heart of gay Manchester – and they’re taking their camcorder with them to show their friends back in London what they’re missing.

The boys start as they mean to go on when they stop off at a service station en route and invite hot hitchers Kieran and Ryan along for the ride.

And Canal Street just doesn’t know what’s hit it when the four of them arrive in town and get to know a few of the cutest local boys - down and dirty.

Here is a raunchy free video trailer of their Canal Street exploits!